Martin Braun Gruppe

Martin Braun is part of the group Gruppe Oetker, a German multinational Oetker family owned, with diversified interests in several sectors, which highlights food, beer and transport (  

within the Oetker group, Martin Group companies Braun (www.martinbraungruppe. com) is engaged in the production and worldwide sale of ingredients for artisan and industrial sector of the bakery, pastry, ice cream parlor and restaurant.  

Among these assortments are three types of products:  
• Semi-finished needing a transformation process to obtain the final product (eg for cake mix).  
• Chocolates, decorations and ready to eat sauces or apply (eg, syrups).  
• salt and fresh frozen pastry ready to bake or consume (eg croissant .)  

In Martin Braun have over 1200 people and with production facilities in Germany (3), Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France and sales companies in Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Singapore. Thanks also to a strong international brands are sold in over 70 countries. 

Using carefully selected raw materials, the excellent quality and variety of products, modern technology and technical and sales team to service customers, ensure the group Martin Braun a relevant market share in Europe and worldwide.